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A: There are nine pins, including 4-pin is used and the PC, and an additional 5-pin for external GPS, OSD and other expansion devices, it is a high-speed SPI interface. Through this group of pin, X600-D will be extended to many exciting features such as: air autonomous hovering capabilities (space lock).

B: This button allows MCU to enter bootloader to write the new procedures to avoid escalation of accidents caused by burned to death locked SCM crash situation.

C: The device Despite its small size, but its cost is not lower than the microcontroller. It is a digitally controlled voltage regulator, which directly control gyroscopes, replacing the traditional potentiometer adjustment method, greatly improving the stability of the flight control, and can adapt to different working temperature. Whereas the previous version used by the potentiometer, particularly low temperatures in some places, we can not allow the normal functioning of the gyroscope. Now, with the chip, they can be fully automatic adjustment, and high precision.

D: in each chip, next to a gyroscope, there is a small black patch components, this is the NTC temperature sensor, use it to calibrate the temperature drift gyros. The reason for each chip next to the stars have to use a gyro is that the temperature of the circuit board at different locations are different while the gyroscope chip is very sensitive to temperature, so a separate temperature sensor so that every work of more stable chip top spinning.

E: control channel increased to six (previously only 4), has more features. Also provides a steering interface, which provides operating current up to 3A power supply used to drive a PTZ(pan,tilt,zoom) self-steering and stability control.


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